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Science news and media

Our media portfolio of products represents a key part of our mission to communicate world-class research and innovation to the widest possible audience. Containing a range of journalism and recruitment options, our portfolio aims to provide a variety of services to the global scientific community.

Physics World

The Physics World portfolio is our collection of digital and print resources covering a broad range of disciplines including quantum, medical physics, materials science, and optics and photonics.

Physics World, our world leading physics magazine, helps scientists working in academic and industrial research stay up to date with the latest breakthroughs in physics and interdisciplinary science.

CERN Courier

We publish CERN Courier in partnership with CERN. Essential reading for the global high-energy physics community, the website and print magazine highlight the latest developments in particle physics and related fields, wherever they happen in the world.


We publish ESRFnews in partnership with the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF).
The magazine is distributed free of charge to around 7,000 scientists who regularly use the ESRF beamlines.

Physics World Jobs

Connecting employers from different industry sectors with jobseekers who have a background in physics or engineering, Physics World Jobs can help you to take the next step in your career.

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