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At IOP ׽, we endorse the goal of enhancing trust and transparency in the physical sciences. We believe that researcher’s data and codes should be made available to other researchers, enabling them to reproduce the results and check outcomes. We support greater transparency by: 

  • Enabling research data and code associated with primary research articles to be publicly available and discoverable 
  • Encouraging reviewers and editorial boards to make reviewer reports associated with primary research articles publicly available and discoverable 
  • Providing clear information about our peer review and editorial processes 

How we are making physical sciences research more transparent

Promoting open data sharing

We encourage the open sharing of data underpinning research in accordance with FAIR principles. 

Transparent journal metrics

We provide a full picture of how each of our journals is performing, including citations, impact factors, peer review metrics and the geographical and gender diversity of our authors and reviewers. 

Transparent peer review

All our open access journals now offer the option to publish the full peer review history alongside published articles.

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Delivering peer review excellence

We pride ourselves on high quality peer review processes, and offer a first-of-its-kind peer review certification programme, Peer Review Excellence: IOP training and certification.

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