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Successful transformation comes from within

25 Apr 2024 by Faye Holst London Book Fair panellists by Charlotte Talmage. Picture from Research Information: London Book Fair panellists

In a world where the demands for transformation and change are ever-present, how can academic publishers respond? Charlotte Talmage reflects on a panel discussion at the London Book Fair on how publishers can manage change.

I was privileged to host a panel discussion at the London Book Fair last month, at which we proposed that meaningful and successful change – that sustains energy and enables employees and the business to thrive – has to come from within the organisation. Our brilliant panel delved into strategies for managing change at both the organisational and individual level.

Being comfortable with discomfort

To kick off the discussion, Antonia Seymour, CEO of IOP ׽, emphasised the importance of building internal resilience to withstand ongoing turbulence and uncertainty. While change can inherently feel uncomfortable, leaders have a responsibility to help others. As Antonia noted, “you have to learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.”

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